Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rerer Report 2013: Ups. Uninternet...

So, english time... :D This time i'll try to write my article in english, I hope I have more improvement than before. :)

About a mounth ago I return to my lovely hometown, rerer vilage (22r). I'm pretty happy when I get to my own hometown, the street was fixed by the goverment, so the transportation is getting better... the weather is good some times rain some times clear some times wind... :D the beach is still on the east, a little mountain still on the north... :D everything is still in their own place... :)

So I will talk about internet. Last time I'm here there has a several "Warnet" here, Warnet is about some place that provide a rent for computer and internet service. But now... there is no Warnet in town, also the neighbour vilage has no Warnet with internet service... some people says that its because of the phone line had been cut by some people who steal some metal things from its line... wow its pretty bad, they steal a public vasilities for selling it to the metal buyer, in Malang its called "Rombeng"... :) I hope Indonesian youth generation is better than that...

By now the internet by phone line cant be use, lets try internet by mobile phone signal... There has a tower in the village but i dont know why they still no signal sender there... And the active tower that provide a signal near rerer village is T**komsel tower that placed in the neighbour village that called Kolongan village. That tower can provide mobile phone signal in about all place at rerer village, but the internet connection is pretty bad, there's realy hard to open some page on the internet...

So what about if we need internet connection... :)
  1. Get to some spot in Rerer village, that has a good internet connection.
  2. Get to Kolongan village, for a bit high speed connection (no 3G+ connection).
  3. Build a signal reciever "Wajan Bolic", for accessing internet from home. I hope i could build one... :)

Have you ever try live with no internet connection, or mobile phone signal... :) I think sometimes it proved that our daily life is pretty much depend on internet...

So, this my first report from rerer about internet connection... :)
Thanks. God Bless You... :)


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    1. bukang cuma skali ley, payah banget... :D mar bukan berarti itu membatasi pa torang for mo berkembang dang to... :)